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We normally plan to perform 2 to 3 charity concerts a year within reasonable driving distance of London.  We are always keen to hear from charitable organisations who would like to put on a concert and if you are interested please contact our Planning Manager. There are a number of things to be considered when planning a concert and we have some of policies of our own to try and avoid pitfalls. 


We usually plan about a year ahead although can sometimes fit in a concert at shorter notice. A booking request made to the Planning Manager will be considered by the whole Committee so it is not always possible to give an immediate answer.  We would appreciate it if booking requests included some details of the proposed venue, etc. as that will reduce the need to ask further questions and speed up the process. Saturday evenings are usually the most convenient time as most singers will need to travel a considerable distance. We can sometimes arrange for a female soloist or an instrumentalist to perform part of the concert to increase the variety and audience appeal. 


As you will see from our repertoire, we perform a wide range of music in different styles and languages and we normally plan our concert programmes to reflect this and give variety.  A typical concert will start with a rousing chorus (often a drinking song!) and include some folk song arrangements, something in a foreign language, and usually an operatic excerpt or two.  After the interval we often move on to more modern and ‘lighter’ music and finish with one of our favourites.  

Joint Concerts

Some of our most successful events have been concerts performed jointly with other groups such as brass bands, orchestras and other choirs.  However there will usually need to be some discussions between respective musical directors to agree on common pieces that can be performed together.

Smaller Events

Smaller scale events, e.g. at dinners, weddings, festivals, etc. can sometimes be undertaken. For example we have provided musical accompaniment to a magic lantern show, a film première, the beer tent at the National Waterways Festival and for the National Trust at Hatchlands.

Costs and Fees 

This is subject to negotiation but is usually  a percentage of the box office with a fixed minimum that still leaves the majority of the sum with the hosting organisation. The minimum charge was instituted after some concerts when the choir travelled a considerable distance to sing to a very small audience. We reserve the right to sell copies of our recordings at our concerts, although would be willing to negotiate a proportion of the profits of this being returned to the hosts. Commercial recordings of the choir should not be made without our agreement in advance

Venue Requirements
  • An attractive venue with sympathetic acoustics.
  • A good quality piano, recently tuned. Sometimes an organ is useful too.
  • Green Room (changing) facilities.
  • Car parking.
  • Access to the venue for rehearsal on the day and preferably on a previous weekend.
  • Some additional lighting of the performing area is useful.
  • Use of a sound system for interlocution is also beneficial.
  • If the venue doesn't have 2 or 3 levels (e.g. steps) in the performing area then additional staging is important.

Publicity and box-office are normally the responsibility of the hosting organisation although we can sometimes assist and will provide text, photographs etc.. We also have a large banner that can be adapted by the host organisation to create an impact at the venue.

Who to Contact

To discuss hosting one of our concerts, or for more information, please contact our Planning Manager.  

Once a concert has been agreed the arrangements will be confirmed in writing by our Events Manager who will work with you to make things run as smoothly as possible.

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