May 2008 Birthday Party

Gini’s party – from Gini

I had the greatest night ever, and I must say IMVC's performance has boosted my local credentials no end - I actually KNOW you! And the choice of songs was just right, too. Terry told me at work today he couldn't stop singing Vive L'Amour. And he'd never heard it before...

From two friends:

Many thanks for a lovely party last night. We really enjoyed the entertainment, particularly the Imperial Choir. We haven't yet listened to their CD, but that is a pleasure to come.

It was a brilliant idea to have the entertainment, all of which was so good. The Imperial MVC were superb and we have bought one of their CDs.

The Children's Society

Dear Roger, The Choir raised £302 for The Children's Society on London Bridge Station. Please pass on sincere thanks to all your singers. (Ted Salmon on behalf of The Children's Society)

Local Magalas Newspaper

A concert of great class for Magalas and its environs, an experience that one wishes would be repeated. Local newspaper (Languedoc, 2008).

St Aubin 2004

Critique from Local Newspaper

Aficionados of choral singing who made the effort to go to the Temple at Saint Aubin last Saturday were not disappointed. In their 125th anniversary year, the mens choir L'Helvétienne of Gorgier, directed by M. Ian Woods, invited a renowned mens choir from London, the Imperial Male Voice Choir, which itself is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The Temple rediscovered the atmosphere of its greatest days for this marvelous concert. Everyone was able to discover and appreciate the diverse repertoire of this English choir as well as the magnificent voices of the singers under the dynamic and polished direction of Deborah Miles-Johnson.

The performances of the singers Gilliane Lehmann and Deborah Miles-Johnson stood out, as did those of the accompanist Cecily Nicholls and the young violinist Helena Nicholls.

The progress of L'Helvétienne under the baton of its new director and accompanied by Mme Woods was evident, as gauged by the great delight exhibited by the singers of this group in interpreting the various ensemble pieces with the English choir.

Congratulations to all, singers local and from England, and to the various musicians. The public demands more concerts of this standard.

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